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EVOSET stands for world-class quality «made in Switzerland»


Innovative ideas geared towards our customers and top-quality production is the basis of our company’s success. And every day, we strive to maintain our focus on cost-effectiveness and sustainability.

After all, we’re convinced that taking care of the environment pays off economically. Energy-efficient technologies and processes aren’t just friendly on the environment; they also allow our customers – and us, of course – to achieve significant cost savings.

This approach underlies our excellent reputation on the global market. And it’s something we need to prove again and again. Our quality vision: «EVOSET stands for world-class quality made in Switzerland».

We’re also committed to social responsibility


We aim to ensure trusting relationships and fair contact with employees, customers, suppliers, and also with the social environment. EVOSET defines social responsibility as covering three main areas:

Taking responsibility – ethically, socially, ecologically – is an ongoing task at EVOSET and shapes our conduct throughout the company, from trainees to the management.


people are crucially important and in our focus


we share our knowledge


together, we embark in new and innovative directions

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